Thursday, April 8, 2010

Disaster Recovery for DICOM and HL7

Do you have an adequate back-up solution that will protect your patients DICOM images and HL7

For pennies a study UltraRAD can acquire, forward and store your valuable patient data at a
secure facility.

Our Off-site Archival facility is completely redundant and uses the latest technology to safely
store your facilities information.

Why store your images/results off-site?

- UltraRAD will manage your data
- Fully redundant
- No capital purchase required
- Pennies a study storage fee
- Easy to set up

Why worry about designing a plan and let UltraRAD handle your off-site archival needs.
Full Archiving of DICOM and HL7 information for just pennies per study.
Workflow and Viewing Functionality available as well.

Please contact UltraRAD Sales at 800-527-3779, ext. 123 to learn more about UltraRAD's
applications and receive your personalized quote.

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