Monday, October 30, 2006

UltraRAD Corporation Announces MPR/MRA Software Integrated with UltraWEB Base at NO COST

West Berlin, New Jersey; October 30, 2006: UltraRAD Corporation announces additional software integrated in the UltraWEB Base system at no additional cost. MPR/MRA and On-Call software have been integrated into the UltraWEB system that adds to an already robust application. With the MPR/MRA/MIP module in UltraWEB this will allow all users, not just Radiologists to perform 3D techniques on Cross Sectional imaging. The On-Call Module allows remote users to automatically download their studies over the web in the background. 

“In a time where other software companies are adding cost for additional features, UltraRAD’s focus is the customer and the improvement of its current product line. Our development engineer’s continue to improve our products and we are happy to pass that along to our customers at no additional cost, states Bobby Ray Harris, VP of Sales and Marketing for UltraRAD. 

The ON-CALL and MPR/MRA modules currently are sold separately. Tom Goliash, the president and CEO of UltraRAD is positioning the UltraWEB product as a premier Diagnostic and Teleradiology viewing platform. “The UltraWEB product has an amazing amount of functionality now and our organization views this as a way for more users to have needed diagnostics features for less money, states Mr. Goliash 

The MPR/MRA module includes Thumbnail/Toolbar based navigation, Interactive MPR Tools, Quad-planar reformat, Interactive MIP, Tri-planar viewport with 3D. The MPR/MRA does have advance features as well. The advanced module includes Thick-slab reformatting, Batch and Curve Reformat, and Volume Measurement. This can be upgraded seamlessly to include a full 3D package that includes Multi-Modality volume rendering and Interactive segmentation and volume rendering. 

The On-Call module allows Physician’s to access studies as well as Automatic Download based on pre-set Filters. 

About UltraRAD Corporation
UltraRAD Corporation provides fully-integrated, scalable, web based RIS/PACS systems that meet the needs of any size healthcare facility. Additional products and services include Managed Services for remote archiving and Disaster Recovery.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

UltraRAD Corporation Announces Disaster Recovery Product Line

West Berlin, New Jersey; October 26, 2006: UltraRAD Corporation can now provide a web based PACS solution for any facility . Do you have Disaster Recovery for your archive DICOM STUDIES?

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