Thursday, March 29, 2007

UltraRAD Announces UltraGATEWAY 3.0 - Newest Version of the DICOM GATEWAY

West Berlin, New Jersey – March 29, 2007: UltraRAD Corporation announces UltraGATEWAY Version 3.0, the newest version of the DICOM Gateway. This version includes enhancements that will allow the user to increase throughput with added ability to facilitate workflow. With over 425 installations the UltraGATEWAY remains the most powerful DICOM Gateway in the industry today. Other new 3.0 features & enhancements include:
  • User Friendly Interface which allows you to remotely configure the UltraGATEWAY
  • Enhancements to manage multiple concurrent users and large databases
  • Throughput Optimization
  • New Control Wizards
  • DICOM Compliant 128 Bit Encryption
  • Increased JPEG 2000 Support
  • DICOM Storage Commitment
  • Simultaneous inbound and outbound DICOM streams
  • Advanced Auto-routing features
  • Simplistic sign in and installation feature upgrades
Using the UltraGATEWAY 3.0 solution, any facility can collect digital DICOM data from various sources (CT, MR, US, RF, CR, DR, etc.) and process, store and distribute them simultaneously within the facility and out to any remote location for primary reading or consultation purposes. UltraGATEWAY 3.0 boasts high configurability and extensive logging (information trail) ability to increase the ability to diagnose and resolve issues. UltraGATEWAY 3.0 allows a facility to eliminate the potential hassles of a VPN by utilizing standard DICOM encryption feature. This product also has a reference viewer included with the base software package, allowing facilities to view and manipulate images for the purpose of simple reference viewing at no additional charge.

“UltraGATEWAY 3.0 software was designed to enhance the optimization for all users to handle image distribution and management in their Teleradiology/PACS environment more efficiently and effectively,” says Bobby Ray Harris, UltraRAD’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “It is already an extremely flexible product. This upgrade allows for a more advanced configuration and with the addition of the user friendly interface, this allows individuals to remotely configure the UltraGATEWAY. UltraRAD is committed to maintaining a customer focus product line that provides products & services to all healthcare facilities to meet the growing demand of working more efficiently,” states Harris.
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