Friday, April 1, 2005

UltraRAD Provides Disaster Recovery at an Unbeatable Price!

Back-up all your patient data for $0.50 per procedure! 

Largo , FL – April 1, 2005: UltraRAD is poised to take the headache out of April's fast approaching HIPAA compliance deadline by offering yet another option to their ever successful Managed Services. At the low cost of $0.50 per procedure, any facility can back-up their patient information for disaster recovery; it's simple, affordable and secure!

“This is a great deal for every facility, regardless of size,” says Tom Goliash, President and CEO of UltraRAD Corporation. “We provide everything you need to back-up your data to our secure data center.”

When it comes to a possible disaster, you can never be too prepared. Your facility may be equipped with on-site archiving, off-site archiving, a mix of both, or even an archive in separate locations miles apart. Having the assurance that your entire facility's data is securely located in case of an emergency is imperative to providing the best patient care possible. With UltraRAD's Disaster Recovery option, should a calamity occur, simply notify UltraRAD via their 24-hour automated hotline and prepare to have all of your data returned quickly and efficiently. Disaster recovery is only one element to UltraRAD's Managed Services offering, an innovative concept for outsourcing all of the interpretation needs of your facility. UltraRAD houses a dedicated, monitored and secure data center staffed to supply all of the components necessary to assist your facility in every aspect of acquisition, preliminary and diagnostic reading, reporting, scheduling, archiving, auditing and more. UltraRAD services provide your facility with a menu of options to customize a solution which maximizes your environment, at a low cost-per-procedure. By utilizing your facility's operational budget, you're able to maintain the highest of quality control and physician usage. With this full range of services, there is no piece of a fully functional integrated PACS/RIS system that you can't obtain. “Securing a plan now for recovery of your patient information will certainly solve any later headaches, should a disaster occur,” says Goliash. “And you certainly can't beat the price.”