Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vendor Neutral Archive

If you are currently using a stand-alone DICOM Viewer and are looking to expand your
workflow and functionality UltraRAD’s UltraARCHIVE+ is your growth solution.

UltraARCHIVE+ is a DICOM centralized medical information management storage solution
that provides standards based image routing with simultaneous inputs and outputs. The
product supports advanced rule driven image routing, variable JPEG and JPEG2000 DICOM
compliant compression as well as DICOM standard TLS encryption. This highly configurable
software allows administrators advanced control over all aspects of image and information
management. The system includes a Web User Interface allowing access of information and
configuration from any internet connected computer.

Add UltraVISION and eliminate the need to add incremental DICOM Viewers. UltraVISION
provides a unique and powerful application for viewing images and results from any facility. The
client-less web interface makes it ideal for any imaging environment. For advanced
visualization functions there is a multi-platform Adobe Flash viewer available as well. With
automatic client side detection the system allows secure and easy access to your imaging results
for your physicians, staff and/or patients. The web interface uses existing web standards to
deliver an imaging viewport requiring no software download. Ease of distribution of standard
DICOM and HL7 information is now viewable on any workstation regardless of the operating
system or hardware.

Full Archive, Workflow and Viewing Functionality for just pennies per study.

Please contact UltraRAD Sales at 800-527-3779, ext. 123 to learn more about UltraRAD’s
applications and receive your personalized quote.

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